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Carol Singers' Campaign

The foundation of our commitment is laid in the Austrian parishes. 85.000 children and 30.000 adults make a clear statement for a just world. They dress up as the Three Wise Men and go from house to house after Christmas spreading the message of the gospel and asking for donations. more

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Vision and Principles

The Star of Betlehem shows us the way to a just and peaceful world. Together with our partner organisations, we strive for a decent life, free from exploitation and poverty, for all people. more


Facts and figures 2015

Facts and Figures

Since 1953, over 400 million Euros have been collected and some 500 projects are supported annually. Find out more about current facts and figures regarding our work. more


Katholische Jungschar - Catholic Children's Movement

In 2.000 Catholic parishes, some 83.000 children meet each week to experience community. more


Cooperation Partners

In our work we cooperate with other development cooperation organisations. We are also involved in umbrella organisations and networks. more