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To increase the effectiveness of our development work, DKA Austria thematically concentrates on five areas. These establish the framework for our activities in projects and programmes, advocacy, education and public relations.

A Church in Service to the People

We support the establishment of vibrant Christian communities that make their faith fruitful by helping the poorest and preserving creation. more

Empowerment of Children and Adolescents

We help to ensure that the future of children and adolescents is in their own hands and call for the strengthening of their rights. more


Human Rights and Civil Society

We support disadvantaged and oppressed people in their efforts to claim their rights and help shape their own future. more


Education that leads to Empowerment

We support educational programmes that encourage a critical view of the world and improve life chances. more


Secured and Sustainable Livelihoods

We encourage and promote fair trade and economic structures and sustainable lifestyles. more