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Catholic Children's Movement

Katholische Jungschar - Catholic Children's Movement

As a church-based development cooperation agency, we are campaigning for a decent life for all, free from exploitation and poverty, for all people. Based on Catholic social teaching and human rights  we have been supporting people in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Oceania for almost 60 years now. Since 1953, over 400 million euro have been collected and some 500 projects are supported annually.

The Catholic Children's Movement is the largest children's organisation in Austria: In 2,000 Catholic parishes, some 85,000 children meet each week to experience community. 30,000 group leaders look after the children and work voluntarily to help create a child-friendly society. In addition to the carol singing as an act of children's solidarity, development issues are also discussed in the groups in a way appropriate for children. In order to utilise the carol singers' donations effectively, the Catholic Children's Movement set up the Dreikönigsaktion (DKA Austria) as its development cooperation agency.

Carol Singers' Campaign

In memory of the biblical Three Wise Men who worshipped the infant Jesus by bringing him gold, frankincense and myrrh, and according to an old tradition, children dress up as the Three Wise Men and go from house to house after Christmas spreading the message of the gospel. The Carol Singers' Campaign takes place in almost every Catholic parish in Austria, with 85,000 children and 30,000 adults sending out a clear message for a just world. This campaign is organised by Katholische Jungschar (the Catholic Children's Movement of Austria).

Austria is a small country in Europe and it is one of the richest countries in the world. Being aware of the responsibility this entails, the Carol Singers ask people for donations as a sign of solidarity. These donations collected by the Carol Singers are used to support people committed to a fairer world for all human beings.

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Dreikönigsaktion, Hilfswerk der Katholischen Jungschar

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